I've been working with various Linux systems since the late 1990s, primarily focussed on infrastucture development and system automation, with an interest in networking and containerizing applications (before they were even being called containers!). This started within an environment of shell scripts and Perl running on Slackware Linux and proprietary UNIX systems, passed through various technologies from developing custom IaaS solutions, to indepth periods with Ansible and OpenStack, and then through to the last decade of writing Python inside containers running on OpenShift/Kubernetes.

I have spent most of my career working for employers who were extremely enthusiastic on security, meaning that unfortunately I can never share most of my work outside of that workplace and it is only able to be documented on internal wikis and document storage systems that are only accessible to employees of that organization - and even then, most of it is only available to a subset of the organzation.

With much of the work I do day to day researching and engineering technologies, I often find and resolve issues myself for the first time I encounter them, then I might read blog posts on the same subject months or sometimes years later. So I've decided to start documenting a few of these things myself on my own blog (taking extreme care to make sure nothing is inadvertently leaked!).

- Mark

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